Marijuana's money-making potential / CNBC on Fri. 30 Aug. 2013 | 10:23 AM ET

Danny Danco is the senior cultivation editor of High Times

there's over a dozen that have passed medical and now many looking into passing recreational including massachusetts, i believe oregon is looking into it as well. so the dominos are falling very quickly...

...there's a tremendous amount of job creation happening in this industry with these businesses as they grow. there's positions for growers, bud tenders, people who are trimming the pot and drying the pot. there are hundreds of jobs being created in colorado and washington...

...big business is coming in but they are going to need the expertise of the people within our industry. the bud pickers. -- to help them...

...we're looking for the government to recognize states' rights in this issue. which is a bipartisan issue, i believe. interesting. it's amazing how far it's come in a very short time.  

source : CNBC

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